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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  September 8, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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a womanns body discovered after a fire. the clue that's point to hurry and the person now being charged. >> reporter: laser danger. >> it began with an isolated incident and now the momentum is picking up. it's starting to occur about once a week now. >> reporter: the growing problem that'' putting helicopter piloos at risk. the temperatures will fall to more seasonable levels. child booster seets. find out which onessare safest and the ones you should avvid. hello. i'm jeff barnd. >> and i'm jennifer gilbert. a group of u.s. senators plans to investigate thh underreeorting of rape cases in city as cross the country. >> crime reporter joy lepola be brought up. statistics could
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>> reporter: jeff an jennifer, it's clear that regardless of being called to testify,imore is concerns about rape are going unreported in the city and thatú will most likely be brought up in washington, d.c. next tuesday when members of the senate crime and drug subcommittee hold theii hearing. now this comes as battte is spear heading an audit of unfounded rape cases. >> we want to make sure that every case is treated withhthe seriousness that it deserves. there is the question as to whether the police, the local3 police, are treating the victims as victims or whether they are looking for ways not to pursue a case. >> reporter::a sppkesman with oneefrom baltimore has been called to testify. local rape advocates, however, tell me they will likely be there to observe tuesday's proceedingg. joy lepola, fox 45 news at 5:30.
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new information tonight in the investigation of a body found after a fire in columbia pwaea. howard county olice have filed charge in the stabbing death of inside hee condominium is charge with her murder. he was found injured in the condo aftee the fire and is nnw trauma. a man is shot and killed overnight in southhest baltimore. it happened jjst after miinight on alandale. no word on the suspect nor a motive in this shooting. police arrest and charge a man innconnection with two shootings last month, ne of which was fatal. police a monty york shot and killed gerard covell back on august 6th. he's also facing charges in a shooting august 26th.a 17-year-e arm after shots were fired through the front door of a home investigators say they linked york to both incidents through
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shot gun shells found me rime scene. an inmateeescapes from a correctional facillty in baltimore city. william lucas was being oved from one facility to another when he suddenly broke loose and got away. anyone with any information in this cass should call 91113 immediately. a maryland native is killed in an expposson in afghanistan. 25-year-olddchris veil was a former marine who returned to the middle east as a private security contractor.3 veil was originally from randalstown and planning to get ú&rried when he return home. new inforration tonight on a story we aired yeeterday about -wo octors april their role in aabotched abortion. hearings were held earlier today for thooe doctors who had their licenses suspended. john rydell joining us with more on what hhppenee. >> reporter: a criminal investigation continues iito the actions of those two doctors and a third doctor whose not even licensed o practice in maryland is also being disciplined. before today's hearing some
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opponents of abortion protestee outside. there are upset with news that a woman was critically injured while undergoing an abortion at a clinic in cecil county. dr. stephen brigham operates th3 american services cliiic. the medical board issued a cease and desist order. the medicalllicenses of two ú&her doctors remain suspendedd they include doctor nicolea riley and dr. shepard. police remooed several fetuses from a freezer. >> we know now that he was committing bortions going all the way back to january of this year, perhaps earlier and aborted babies in a freezerr isn't that nice? it's deplorable and nobody even knew about it. >> reporter: another hearing for both doctors expeeted to be held in the next few weeks, then the state board of physicians has many options, it can rip
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remannee the doctors, have their licenses restored or revoked. john rydell, fox 45 news at 5:30. police say the body of a 23-year-old map was found about 16 miles offshore on monday. delgado disappeared on august 28th when he went swimming after life guards left for the day. hurricane danielle caused severrl rip tides that weekend. almost 500 rescue. a chemical spill forces buildings in southwest baltimore to be evacuated this morning. 655gallons of hydrochloric acid spilled it. caused several nearby buildings two peoole nearby had to be checked out. they were o. no other injuries reported. how are the roads lookingg3 lauren cooke has our traffic edde report. >> reporter: we do have several accidents in baltimore city.3 downtown ww're dealing with twoe
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street. dealing with another crash on o'donnell street at interstate avenue. do expect slow speeds on many of our mmin liies. and unforrunately the congestion will continue as we make our way to the belt way. per hour on the west siie as we check in and take a live look you'll otice the inner loop and outer loop lanes are going to be jam packed. as we check in add take a live look hhre at york road you'll notice the inner loop lanes are really goinggto be jammee. they will easy up and foo those of you travellng 83 tonight, here it is. it's oing it be wide open att3 warren road making for a nice easy ride if yyu're traveling from the belt way up towards northern battle county. we are looking at -- but we do have n accident on middle river right on eaatern avenue on reid road.
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-hat's our traffic edde rrport.3 jeff and jeenifer back tooyou. another warm, super day. >> khao*g chief meteorologist nice weather will ssick around and why we need to be hoping for somm rain. 3 and blizzards like this one last inter could become a common occurrence. what one group says neees to be weather eventt after the break.
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my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress. &3
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state law enforcement sounding the alarm tonight about the dangers of laser pointers. jeff abell joining us now tonight with a wwrning from police. >> reporter: in ocean city they are pppular souvenirs. you can buy them on the board walk but point them to the sky and the results can proof
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deaddy. this youtube viieo shows juss how distorting lasers can be. state police ay they''e had problems with lasers this summer, especially when people point them at police helicopter. >> if the flight crew becomes &--aser, the total control of te aircraft is lost at this point. >> reporttr: police say it's laws dealing with it, violators could be charged witt of whippeddering are police. jeff abell, fox 45 news at 5:30. >> thank you, jeff. blizzards, oppressive heat waves, destructive hurricanes. maryland has been nn stranger recently to extreme weather events and there could be evee more on the way. environment marylaan says theee events will beccme more frequent if more is not done to stop global work. talked more in fell's point. ú& we need actual governmental change. we need like policc changes, nt
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only heee in the state of maryland but across the nation as well as armed the world. >> reporter: environmentú maryland says higher fuel efficiency standards passed by president obama are a step in comprehensive global legissation -eeds to be passed by congress. no extreme weather today, althouuh it was a little hotter. >> ccief meteorologist vytas reid is here with the >> losing like even the 0s still try to stick arrund until this front is officially pushed through. the wind has picked up a little bit s you can tell out there. take a look at our hh radar right now. no activity in the form of rain. we do have dry conditions s we continue to see high pressure building in from the west and ttat front. really didn't bring us any rain ú&oking at our hd radar on the composste view. &-us, that's he remaining portn of that frontal boundary. some showers south of richmond and to the carolinas, but after that nice, quiet conditions.
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here's what it looks like aaross -he state, still 1*eu9 deerees changes off to he weet. look at washington maryland, 70 degrees out there in gaarett county and we'lllcontinue to see the cooler air flowing in from the west as thhse winds continue to bring in that northwwsterry flow. 18 miles an hour windssii balttmore, 14 in d.c., 22 in he ú&erstown.3 somm getting 40 miles an hour gusts today so i little breezy as the transition from warm air ú& the cooler air builds in from the nnrthwest. tonight we'llie mainly clear -onditions, temperatures dropppng down to 60 degrees. north west at about a 10 to 15 myrrh pace. looks like a beautiful night all in all. -'ll tell you when the rain drops will arrive. >> you can be in charge of your own personalized foreccst. use the interactive toolssto
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track storms down to yyur -treet. go to and click on iradar. bppreleased its much-anticipattd investigation into the cause of the oil rig skphregs that led to the massivv &-as expected they are sharing e blame. bp's report says multiple companiis and work teams contribute to the massive spill. thh company describes the incident as an accident thaa arose from a ompllx series oo mechanical failures and human judgements. but bp's report isn't the final word in the explosion. it is still subject to seeeral government investigations. a florida church's plan to burn copies of the quran onúú&s, drew a lot of heat from the nation' top leaders.3 pastor terry jones says it'' not aimed t all muslims, just those i connidered radical music hraoeuplz. today secretary of state hillary ú&inton says this rally does not represent all of america. >> i mean it's regrettable thatú
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a pastor in gaanesville, florida with a church of no more than 50 people can make this outrageous and distrrssfuu, diigraceful plan. -t doesn't n any way represent america or americans or american government or american religiiuu or polltical leadership. >> pastor jones says he will pray about this rally. now on to our question of the day. is it appropriate ffr aapastor to burn the quran? just go to and tell us wwat you think. you can sound off hrough facebook, sent s a sweet at fox baltimore, text your answer. fox 455b for no and our -esponse may air tonight on foo 45 news at 10. some exciting oments for the trapped miners in chile. >> tte 33 miners were able to watch soccer match between chile and ukraine.
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the miners have been trappedd3 underground for aamonth and could be stuck there until christmas. child booster seats, still aaead on the news at 5:30, find ouu how many get top ratings and how many are still falling way ssort. and why facebook should be clicked off and kept far away i
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a new report finds some child boosterrseats arrn't making he grade. the insurance institute for highway safety evaluated 72 different boosterrseats, 22 received a best et rating, 7 got the good bet stamp becauue they met the following criterra. >> what you need to look for is the lap belttneeds to fit firmly across the top of the thighs. you don't want ii riding up on to the tummy of a child which is soft and might be injuued in a crash. >> eight modees ere not recommended at all.3 the rest didn't do enough to get -n the not recommended list but didn't get the top ankings >> for a complete list, go to our website if you need that cup oo coffee each and every day to get your day started, it might be really good for you. greek researchers found people with high blood pressure a cup
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of java every day can help you live longer. and if you're lookiig to get straight a's this school year, you might want to stay away from facebooo. a new study says colllge students who are on facebook while studying or doing homeworr get 0% lower grades. their average gpa jumped from ú-networking website was not on ú&en just in the background during study sessions. study authorr say this shows younger geneeations might not be as good assmulti-tasking as they might think. the stars of fox's show glee walked the red carpet for the &-cordova streee and john ssamo. >> i was sooexcited.
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i waa -- i'm still in disbelief. but i'm so excited to be at work &-it's april awesome opportunity to be able to siigg dance andd3 act. >> and you can watch the second season premier of glee in just a few more weeks. see it tuesday, september 21st, right ere on fox 45. one giant sushi roll. >> cominggup which campus just
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hey, i just got my, uh... teacher evaluations. check out what this one student wrote.
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